How To Invest In Tech Like A Pro

Our focus here at Cestrian Capital Research is to help our readers and subscribers raise their investing game. We want you to be able to invest like Big Money.

This means understanding company fundamentals in depth, it means understanding when institutional money is working with you and not against you, and it means understanding specific stock charts.

Now that all sounds like hard work.

But fear not.

As a subscriber to Cestrian Tech Select you get the hard work done for you. We have decades of tech sector investing experience, utilizing both institutional and personal capital. We use our experience - and our constant quest to get deeper into the rabbithole - to publish work here that anyone can read, understand, and use.

If you’re a longtime grizzled investing pro, you’ll like the depth of the analysis.

If you’re new to this world, you’ll like the easygoing style and clear explanations.

And if you have questions, points, objections, comments, anything - post ‘em in our notes. We read and respond to them all.

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Cestrian Capital Research, Inc - 30 June 2022