Repeat After Us: It's Always Opposite Day On Wall Street
Deliberate ErrorIn our MDB note just posted there was something missing. Er, the numbers. You can read the post, corrected, online at the link below.
Long Time Comin'.
Bet against tech? Sure, every now and then. Long term? Good luck with that.
Why Tech Always Bounces BackMonday before the open we’ll have a free note in this service about why tech always bounces back. Sometimes you have to wait awhile. But long-te…
Our new freemium service. And a deeply discounted offer.
$QCOM x GravityDISCLAIMER: This note is intended for US recipients only and, in particular, is not directed at, nor intended to be relied upon by any UK recipi…
You Can't Keep Good Workers Down
Is That A Stogie Lying Around Right There?
Couple days left before the New Year hits. Use them wisely!
The beauty of fractals can lead to ... free money?
Rug Pull UpdateThat rug pull we mentioned yesterday? In this post here? Update: rug pull in progress. But if you’re atop the rug, it’s early yet. Still time to…